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Minimise Workplace Frustration With the 3S EQ Approach

Written by Karen Muggleton

If you’re flat out, crazy busy in your workplace, like most people I come across, and you’re experiencing some frustration, trust, or communication issues, read on for the 3S framework to up level your contribution to a functioning, rather than frustrating, workplace.

If you’re in a frustrating, rather than functioning workplace, you’re in good company. In all survey projects we run, communication, trust and frustration are recurring themes needing attention. When these drivers and detractors of business outcomes remain unaddressed, frustration increases, and performance, productivity and profits decline.

And you might find that another F word starts showing up. Does this sound familiar?

We know there’s a lot involved with mitigating frustration and enhancing trust and communication. A good place to start is with the conversations you’re having and the quality of those conversations. We recommend this 3S’s emotional intelligence (EQ) approach to bolster your conversation skills and business outcomes.

Welcome to 2023!

Written by Karen Muggleton

Welcome to 2023!

Would you like greater results this year?

Hello everyone

Of all the managers I speak with, their answer to the above question is a resounding, Hell Yes! So to help you step up in 2023, and navigate all the new normals, we’re sharing our proven Results Formula.

Read on to find out how this formula will help you reset, and take your results higher.

Stand out as the True Professional: even when you’re feeling flustered

Written by Karen Muggleton

Do you find that some days you can deal with anything, with ease, and yet on other days you really feel the pressure building?

Are you dealing with constant calls on your time, people not doing what they say they’ll do, and an inbox that has no limits?

With so much happening, and the need to keep doing more with less, there’s the potential for frustrations to boil over.

And let’s face it, that boiling over usually shows up in the form of feeling burnt out, a misunderstanding morphing into a task conflict, and eventually a task disagreement progressing to a relationship conflict.

Virtual EQ Cafe - Leadership and Empathy (Brisbane)

Written by Karen Muggleton

What does “leadership” mean, and what’s the role of empathy? While one dictionary definition is “the state or position of being a leader,” leadership is also a set of attributes that EVERYONE needs for moving their lives, and the world, forward in a positive way. It involves seeing new possibilities and engaging self and others toward that future. Since leadership is about people, the learnable, measurable skill of empathy might be one of the essential ingredients that empowers leadership. How? 

Want to See Change? Step into Being Human.

Written by Karen Muggleton

I have an unpopular truth to share with you: When it comes to building a new, healthy habit, there is no ONE STRATEGY that works for everyone. If there were, we would all be doing it, and I wouldn’t have a job! Executive coaches like me stay busy because every individual and situation for change is different, and solutions that WORK need to be tailored to that specificity.

Did Your Team Achieve These Success Factors This Financial Year?

Written by Karen Muggleton

After a big year, many businesses find that they aren’t performing at the level they hoped. Is your business hitting the mark? Take a look at these success factors to determine where your business lands:

  1. Your people operate more like a team and less like a group of people.
  2. Your team is motivated to go the extra mile and produce results.
  3. You see enthusiasm for learning and growing with the business.
  4. You work through differences and feel a sense of true comradery.

Communication Breakdown Causing Grief? Ask Your Workplace These Six Questions

Written by Karen Muggleton

Communication in the workplace struggles when relationship uncertainty exists. This uncertainty can start in any number of ways: Someone feels left out, they were unsure about something another person said, and didn’t follow up for fear of looking like they’re missing something obvious. Irrespective of the reason, when someone doesn’t feel connected, trusted, and safe, the sympathetic nervous system  (the one that causes flight or fight) activates, causing the heart rate to rise, the body to tense up, and the mind to focus on threats (real or perceived).  Communication and resulting relationships can’t work with those internal events in place? With their sympathetic nervous system firing, this person doesn’t have the conversations they know they need to have because they don’t feel connected enough, and this in turn fuels the decline of more opportunities to connect. With less opportunities to connect, relationship uncertainty increases. And thus, the downward spiral of communication continues.

EQ Café: Anxiety

Written by Karen Muggleton

Anxiety in the world is growing and it’s affecting youth and adults. But what IS anxiety? Since it’s a feeling, how can we use emotional intelligence to understand and work with it?

Join this interactive, powerful “EQ Café” to practice emotional intelligence together, and explore answers to these important questions about anxiety. EQ Cafés are insightful, fun sessions for people curious about emotional intelligence to connect and learn together.

Giving Feedback and Keeping Relationships Intact

Written by Karen Muggleton

When I ask leaders what the least favorite part of their job is, it’s often giving feedback… especially when that feedback needs to deliver some correction.

I understand; giving feedback can be very difficult. Think about the next time you might give feedback: What’s your approach? Navigating these interactions can feel like a minefield. But if you understand which ‘feedback traps’ to avoid, giving feedback can actually reinforce your relationship with your team.

The Five ‘Feedback Traps’ to Watch Out For