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Stand out as the True Professional: even when you’re feeling flustered

Written by Karen Muggleton

Do you find that some days you can deal with anything, with ease, and yet on other days you really feel the pressure building?

Are you dealing with constant calls on your time, people not doing what they say they’ll do, and an inbox that has no limits?

With so much happening, and the need to keep doing more with less, there’s the potential for frustrations to boil over.

And let’s face it, that boiling over usually shows up in the form of feeling burnt out, a misunderstanding morphing into a task conflict, and eventually a task disagreement progressing to a relationship conflict.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can show up as the true professional.

Studies confirm strong emotional muscle is the best way to over-ride triggers, and redirect to a professional response rather than an unhelpful reaction.

Today we’re exploring how building emotional muscle upfront, through the emotional intelligence (EQ) skill of Recognising Patterns will support you to be the leader worth following.

How can recognising patterns help you?

The majority of us are on autopilot for most of our lives. And for good reason. Our brains are designed to form and follow patterns to help us be efficient and get through recurring situations in our day-to-day life.

But old patterns don’t always forge the path to new understanding and the wisdom needed to succeed when faced with an interpersonal clash, or a deeply complex or unknown problem.

If your pattern, when challenged, is “When I’m frustrated, I become angry and stay there until I get what I need, you’re triggering stress chemicals into your body, you’ll feel drained, have less in the tank, and you won’t be able to put your best self forward.

Alternatively, you may have patterns like: “when things aren’t going my way, I blame others”: or “when I feel lonely I eat”, or “when I’m disappointed, I go for a run”.

That’s because some patterns are helpful, and some are not.

But when you can get organised, and recognise your patterns is advance, you can respond professionally, and stand out as the better manager, and get notice for the right reasons.

How can we all do this?

When we need to build a physical muscle, we put in a big effort. We feel that effort, we use a leg press, rower, hand weights, treadmill, or a pilates reformer at the gym.

We need to put in the same effort to build our emotional muscle, and reform patterns that aren’t serving us, to patterns that do serve us and others. We can do this with the Pattern Reformer. The Pattern Reformer builds:

  1. Awareness of triggers and our reaction patterns
  2. Clarity on the ideal outcomes we want into the future
  3. A practice of working towards more ideal patterns. With effort we therefore transform our patterns to helpful habits.

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