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Want to See Change? Step into Being Human.

Written by Karen Muggleton
Want to See Change? Step into Being Human.

I have an unpopular truth to share with you: When it comes to building a new, healthy habit, there is no ONE STRATEGY that works for everyone. If there were, we would all be doing it, and I wouldn’t have a job! Executive coaches like me stay busy because every individual and situation for change is different, and solutions that WORK need to be tailored to that specificity.

For example, of hundreds of books about behavioral psychology, not one of them says the same thing about how to make a change stick.  There are of course, many successful principles that cross over and yield effective results.  But because of your unique circumstances and character, none of the techniques offered would be an exact match for your situation. I’m not saying that there isn’t great value in reading about different techniques and examples (I’m an avid reader!), but I do want you to know: There is no magic silver bullet.

So, if you’re trying to make a change, what CAN you do? If you want something great to happen, step into being human.   Carve out time to give attention to what you want to change, apply self-compassion when you fail, refine your steps, and carve out the time to try it again. Over and over, until a new habit is born.  Small, yet consistent practice of the new way of being is the key.

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