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Welcome to 2023!

Written by Karen Muggleton

Welcome to 2023!

Would you like greater results this year?

Hello everyone

Of all the managers I speak with, their answer to the above question is a resounding, Hell Yes! So to help you step up in 2023, and navigate all the new normals, we’re sharing our proven Results Formula.

Read on to find out how this formula will help you reset, and take your results higher.

Emotional Intelligence + Self Coaching + Action Taking


You will never fully understand, manage or direct yourself (or others) successfully, to sustainable higher results, without first elevating your emotional intelligence (EQ).

With elevated EQ, you master self-awareness, self regulation of and self-direction. You remember to play to your strengths and manage pesky behaviour patterns, triggers, and blind spots. This empowers you to dial down unintentional conflicts, and put your best self forward.

When life’s inevitable curve balls knock a high-EQ person to the ground, they’re equipped to dust themselves off, and get up and keep going.

The 3 key practices to being emotionally intelligent (EQ) involve:

  1. Self Awareness - tuning in to the human Wi-Fi, knowing what’s going on with you and those around you, and responding in a useful way.
  2. Self-Management - using skills that support values directed choices.
  3. Self-Direction - getting aligned with your personal drivers, so you stay energised.



Jostling for 1st place in our Greater Results Formula is self-coaching skills.

A series of methods and techniques that foster insights, clarity of values, and meaningful goal setting, self-coaching skills also equip you with stronger self-determination, focus, and empowerment. From this, you’re also more in control of your professional development and personal wellbeing. Put simply, you get better at responding, rather than heated, unhelpful, reacting.

But learning how to self-coach is not a quick fix, it’s a journey that involves study, self-reflection, vulnerability, practice, and a commitment to learning with different approaches.

To help keep me on track this year, I’ll be tapping into this quick access self-coaching tool, the 3 Ps. I hope you find it helpful.

  • Be persistent – expect setbacks and roadblocks, and keep going until you succeed
  • Persevere – adopt a mindset that new results do take time, que the 3 E’s - energy, effort and emotion
  • Apply patience – stay calm and focused so I can practice persistence and perseverance


Set a Date

The neuroscience proves that brain’s like a future date to strive for. If you set a date on which you will start your new actions, and at which point you will achieve a goal, you are far more likely to get started.

If you visualize completing the actions and enjoying the results, that generates internal motivation.

Get specific

Specify the exact result you most desire and 25 reasons why you want that result. Write down the actions needed to get great results, and be sure to break the actions into small, achievable mini tasks, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Do it now

Don’t delay, even if you do just 1 task per day, commit to that 1 task and acknowledge to yourself how that task is pulling you to where you want to be.

Do it now

With over 1,440 minutes in every day, and over 10,000 minutes a week, most of us can carve out some time to progress our results. By allocating just 50 minutes from each day you gain 6 hours per week towards your higher results. Imagine the difference that will make.



According to this Harvard Business Review (HBR) article, employees regard their direct manager as most important to understanding their organisation and priorities, not their executive leader, but unfortunately, 43% of managers say they’re burned out. Are you seeing that in your workplace? If so, I’m not surprised. The screaming high worker deficit continues to grow, and put pressure on us all. And the recent population stats confirm we’re working hard, and actually producing more goods and services than pre COVID, but with less labour. So the burnout is not surprising.

So just as the economy is going through a reset, we have no choice but to reset. The Results formula gives you the detail on how you can reset and get ahead in 2023.

Emotional Intelligence + Self Coaching + Action Taking

Keen to know how to reset and fast track results in 2023?